Sunday, February 28, 2010

My First "Official" Post

I've actually been blogging for years. Trouble is, family and friends have a hard time reading all the posts written in my head. As a "writer" (sometimes I don't feel like I deserve that title), I have put this pressure on myself that if I start a real blog it has to be perfect...perfectly composed, perfectly organizeed, perfectly updated.

I also thought I had to have a really good reason for starting a blog. I was going to start one when Noah was first born to show family and friends how he was growing...14 months behind on that. Then I was going to start one as part of my New Year's resolution...only 59 days late there. Then, as I lay in bed last night, penning another post in my mind as I willed myself to fall asleep, the words of one of my favorite songs, "Past the Wishing" by Sara Groves, rose to the surface:
I don't wish that I could go, I am going
I don't wish that I could be, I am being
I don't wish that I could do it, I am doing
By the grace of God I am doing

These lyrics have meant many things to me in many different moments, but in this moment, they mean stop wishing I would open an avenue for connecting with people I care about, stop wishing I would give myself a creative outlet to write. Stop wishing and start doing. So here I am! Wherever this blog imperfectly goes, I hope you'll enjoy sharing in some of the moments of my life.