Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bummed or Blessed

There was a day a couple weeks back that I really wanted to hang out with a friend. But everyone I called was busy. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal, but on this particular day it really bummed me out.

Another boring day at home by myself with the boys, choking down another peanut butter and jelly sandwich, then playing the same games with the same toys while the minutes lurch along like a tired how I was feeling about the day.

I just needed someone to help me break up the monotony of routine.
But no one was available.
So I was left to sulk alone.

But in the midst of my sulking I realized I wasn't alone.

There was an adorable little boy to my right.
And an adorable littler boy to my left.

Why are you bummed about spending time with these two little blessings? The part of me who wasn't stuck in a funk asked the part of me who was. Don't be bummed about the way your day didn't blessed by the way you can make it go!

And with that, I decided to ditch the bummed and don the blessed and I took my two adorables on a date with their mommy!

I strapped on my sneakers and strapped the boys in the stroller and we walked to the little Italian place in the Village. Just breathing in the fresh air on our way there made me feel better. But the huge pay-off came when Noah's face beamed with pure delight when I said the! It was the best news of his life!

We sat outside and ate and talked and people watched.
Me and my adorable dates.

After our tummies were full we continued our walk, looking for more beauty and blessings to soak up along with some warm, sunny rays.

Like this yellow blossomed tree. Amazing.

I also loved walking past our church. Love the old stone construction. Love that Noah squeals with excitement when we pass his Sunday School classroom.

And like my little Elias,
at the end of our double stroller date,
I was  peaceful and content.

No room for bummed when I'm undeniably BLESSED.