Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Great Day to Be a Mom!

I had a fantastic Mother's Day!

It started off by Chris getting up with Noah so I could sleep in! Woohoo! I was slightly put off when that only lasted an hour...but I couldn't be disgruntled for long once I saw my grinning toddler running toward me with a big white envelope in his hands. He shimmied his way up on the bed, lunged into my sleepy arms, and gave me the perfect juicy kiss.

Then my husband entered the room with a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers and other perfectly lovely blooms. I love fresh flowers!

By this point the aroma of fresh coffee and a hot breakfast had made its way into our room. Again, a good enough reason to be woken up early.

While enjoying a yummy breakfast with my boys, Noah unexpectedly pulled something out from beneath his highchair tray. Thinking the card, flowers, and breakfast were certainly my whole gift, I was totally surprised when I realized he was holding a gift card to Motherhood Maternity! Then, a few moments later, Chris pulled out a second gift card and explained that the first one was from Noah and this one was from him.

(With only 11 weeks to go before the baby's due, I was planning on just making the clothes I have work for the rest of the pregnancy. But any pregnant woman will tell you that a couple of new tops that actually fit can produce untold levels of comfort and happiness.)

Later during breakfast, Noah did the sign for "please" for the very first time! (We've been doing basic sign language with him since he was a little baby and it always blows me away when he suddenly starts using a new sign.) For my son to be so very polite in asking for more cheese, was a little Mother's Day miracle. :)

 I'm so blessed to have a husband and son who make my feel so loved!
What a great day to be a mom!

{More on our Sunday afternoon fun to come...}

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