Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Unexpected Growth

Several months ago while Chris was doing yard work he chopped down
a very unruly rose bush.
It wasn't producing many flowers and posed more of a thorny trap
for a curious toddler than anything else.

I hadn't thought much about this bygone plant until the other day
when I looked out my side kitchen window and saw this:

Because Chris hadn't taken out the roots, the rose actually benefited from the severe pruning.

From far away it is clearly a small, unimpressive plant.

But up close, it is beautiful.

I wasn't expecting new growth from forgotten roots.

This made me think...what beautiful thing might God want to grow in me?
Is there an area of my life that I've disregarded as a thorny burden
that God could transform into a source of beauty?

Pruning isn't pleasant.
 But the result can clearly produce something that is worth the pain.

Dare I ask God for some unexpected growth in my life?

Dare you?

1 comment:

heidi.janeen.white@gmail.com said...

love it. thank you for this meditation and "dare"!