Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wear What Fits

So I changed the look of my blog. When I saw this new background it just seemed to fit.

While I loved the Old World look and worn, travel journal feel of my old blog template, I decided that didn't really resonate with this season of my life. The previous design reminded me of pouring over aged books or sifting through antique treasures.

There is no space in my life right now for pouring anything but juice into sippy cups. The only things I have time to sift through are baskets of laundry and boxes of toys.

I liked the idea of the old design, but it's just not me. This new one is. I am trying to embrace not what I WISH were elements in my current life (like vacations to cobblestone paved European villages or a full night's sleep), but rather what IS.

Blue is the clear sky under which the boys and I take our daily walk. Green are the beautifully manicured lawns I admire as we stroll our neighborhood streets. And simple and magical is a dandelion wish, which is the kind of childhood I hope to give my sons.


Kathy J said...

Way to embrace what God has given you in this season! :o)

Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

Oh, the simple clean look and the sweet innocence of the template seems to fit with the season of raising littles.

And there is something magical about a dandelion wish no matter what your age :)

Anonymous said...

Love your reasons for the new look even more than the new look. Good job at growth Beck! And the Professor Pix CRACKED ME UP!!! Good to spend time w you and them yesterday. How are you doing now? I set the pillows out yesterday ... and they're still sitting here :/ and so are we. Staying home was the right call, though. let me know if you want the pillows and I'll drop them by.

love you--ant di