Friday, January 7, 2011

More and Less...I Resolve.

I resolve to think more about my health
and less about my looks.
More water,
less Diet Coke.
More exercise when I have the motivation
and more when I don't.

I resolve to savor more todays
and wish less for possible tomorrows.
More gratitude,
less grumbling.

I resolve to be the spouse, parent, sister, friend I want to have.
More listening,
less talking.
More love, compassion, grace.

I resolve to accept that we don't have to work more
if we're willing to want less.
I resolve to view our money and possessions as what they actually are--
on loan from God to accomplish His purposes.
More time in the Word,
less on the Web.
More prayer,
less people-pleasing.

I resolve to spend less energy thinking about what I want to do, ought to do,
and more time just doing it.

More of Him,
less of me.

I resolve.

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Jenny said...

This is refrigerator worthy. Thanks for sharing your resolve. I'm visiting from incourage.