Friday, June 28, 2013

Five Minute Friday: In Between

I'm linking up again for Five Minute Friday, where an incredible community of  women let go of writing rules and should do's for the joy of just writing. One prompt. Five Minutes. No editing. Check out Lisa Jo's site for all the details and join the fun!

In Between…


The phrase stirs uncomfortable.

Wedged in between my two big sisters in the backseat of mom’s maroon Isuzu Trooper II. Waiting to be noticed in between high school boyfriends. Wavering in between sizes as my body grew three times carrying three babies. Then waiting three times again--maternity clothes too big, but favorite skinny jeans just a dream-- in the blah of in between, trying to shrink back to the body I remember as my own. In between houses, in between best friends, in between churches, in between dreams.

The in between makes me want to hurry up, get to where I’m going, to where I want to be.

Yet, maybe there is something good about the in betweens? Something more than uncomfortable?

I love sitting in between Noah and Elias for special couch snuggles watching Monsters Inc. yet again. Feeling there soft and squishy little boy hands in between mine, hearing their silly comments and funny questions in between their favorite animated scenes.

I love the time in between afternoon and night. Yes, dusk is what they call the in between. Where the Lord’s fading sky masterpiece and cool breeze gifts make back porch dinners the perfect thing for in between play time and bed time.

And really, isn’t all this life we live in between? In between the beginning...formed from dust by the Maker’s hands and then molded in my mother’s womb, and the next beginning…reunited for eternity with the Maker in glory.

Hmmm….yes, all is in between. How will I choose to view the in betweens? How will you?


Five Minute Friday


martha brady said...

hi becky, i'm your neighbor. nice to meet you. your little boys are adorable.

i loved your post:) true. but we do learn a lot in those uncomfortable times don't we?

nice blog. keep it up.

Amber said...

Hey Becky,
I love this post!! You are so completely right. Everything is in between! We are always waiting for the next... Whatever it is. Very well written!!!

Teelycart said...

Lovely post. Wise words. Beautiful boys. Everything is in between - might as well find joy in each place we are put.

Alissa said...

Love you, and reading your thoughts!