Friday, January 31, 2014

Dreams for Superhero Sons

Spiderman, Captain America, a Gladiator, and Knight are in their arsenal of costumes.

They have Batman and Superman pajamas and a Buzz Lightyear destroyer Nurf gun.

Wooden butter knifes from their picnic set become swords for epic bedroom battles. 

These boys of mine know how to slay dragons, shoot spider webs, defeat imaginary intruders, and have wrestling moves unbeatable by any villain.

If the oldest brother calls the younger one "Bad Guy" the Bad Guy brother may just burst into tears and start chasing the offender with flailing arms and screechy whines, yelling,
"I'm NOT a  Bad Guy, brudder. We bofe can be the Good Guys together!"
Though the sibling fussing and fighting that inevitably follows such an accusation and rebuttle often make me cringe with exhausted irritation, I really can't blame my three year old.

Because being the Good Guy is in his blood. 

Boys are created to be warriors, conquerors, knights in shining armor. They are designed to battle and problem-solve and overcome obstacles. They are providers, preservers, protectors.

But while my three sons dream of jumping off buildings and soaring through the sky, I have slightly different dreams for my little heroes.

I dream they will be the kind of heroes who are kind even when it's unpopular.

I dream they will tell the truth even when it's costly.

May they show their strength by choosing to show compassion and grace.

May they save the day by picking the unwanted kid to be his class-project partner.

I pray they will arm themselves with the truth of God's Word.

I pray they will stand out by standing up for what is right.

And, like the nylon-clad, cape-wearing superheros they adore, may my sons always be on the lookout for ways that they can help. May they be known for putting the needs of others above their own. May they be willing to risk it all for the sake of their calling. May they have humble hearts. And may their bravery, courage, and talent point others who might call them Hero to the Only One who truly deserves the name.

*     *     *

This post if part of Lisa-Jo's heroic Five Minute Friday linkup. Today word-lovers around the web are all writing on Hero. Don't think you can write like this in five minutes? Yeah, me neither. But even though I flex the five minute "rule," I love this community and the encouragement it gives me to search my heart for stories and lessons I might not otherwise take the time to pen.

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Stacey Dawn said...

Love your words about your boys being hero's even when it's unpopular. I hope and pray they will be too - with God's help, they will!

Katherine Swing said...

I love this so much! As my husband and I talk about starting a family, THIS is what I dream of - an army of boys enamored with strong superheroes and being "good guys".