Friday, March 28, 2014

10 things I probably shouldn't share on social media

Here's ten things you probably don't know about me, and probably don't need to.

1. Sometimes I eat old Cheerios off the floor when I'm too lazy to walk to the trashcan. Gross? Yes. Time saving? A little.
2. Rude sales reps threaten to bring out the worst in me. They make me want to pump my tongue full of venom and unleash my wrath. Like the lawn fertilizer guy who came to my door this morning. When I nicely told him that we are renters and not interested in his product, he sneered, "So, you rent the house but not the lawn? Have you seen  the weeds infesting your grass?" I politely replied that lawn care is just not an investment that we're interested in right now. But it took full will power not to release the Snarky Reply Red Dragon. I still think back about that pet store owner I wanted to zing and wish maybe I had. #naturalzinger #byGodsstrengthtonguetamer

3. Sometimes I bribe my boys to take long naps by promising sips of my afternoon coffee. Bribery doe not fall within my parenting philosophy. Nor does offering my children legal, addictive stimulants. But every day all three of my boys nap at the same time (even my 5 year old!) and it's a glorious hour of quiet that I need. Plus, I only use all natural coffee creamer with no artificial flavors, chemicals, or dyes. So that makes it better, right? #andnohydrogentatedoil #tippingbackthepgoodmomscale #survivalparenting

4. Long toenails totally disgust me. #idon'tknowwhy

5. I feel annoyed when people don't email me back. Acknowledgement of receipt. That's all I'm asking for people. #yesiknowyouarebusy #yesiknowi'mnotthatimportant

6. I printed the wrong day on my wedding invitations. I am a writer. I use to be a full time editor. I hand tied bows on 150 invitations. And somehow 150 times I did NOT see that I wrote Sunday, July 29th. We got married on a Friday. #horrifiedbride #daggertoeditorialpride

7. I don't like cake. I really REALLY like pie and brownies and scones. Muffins and cookies and cinnamon rolls are amazing. But I don't like cake. Except for cheesecake and pound cake and angel food cake. #maybeidonttknowwhatcakeis #maybeidontknowme

8. I compulsively believe that toilet paper should be installed with the loose end cascading OVER the roll. NOT lost under it. If I'm at someone's house and their toilet paper is facing the wrong way I'm often tempted to reverse it. Sometimes I actually do. #controlfreakwithoutimpulsecontrol

9. My husband and I sleep with separate blankets. And they happen to be old 80s quilts from his childhood. Affection is one of my top love languages, but I am NOT a cuddle-up-sleeper. I have loved sharing life with my man for the last eight and a half years...just not my blanket. #uglycozy #dowhatworks #happilymarried

10. I started using hashtags before I was on Twitter. Long before I ever composed a tweet, I fell in love with the hashtag. Zest up a Facebook post. Turn  regular text messages into witty banter. Add layers of meaning or humor to your message. #writersspicerack #twitterscontributiontomankind

Now, maybe sharing these details of my life on social media crosses the TMI line. But maybe the problem with this post isn't too much information. 

Maybe the problem is the wrong information.

I have recently been pressed in by what the Bible says about the weight of our words and the responsibility we have to wield them well. Now I'm not just referring to how we're supposed to steer clear of profanity or blasphemy. And I'm not just thinking about gossip or slander or judgmental accusations.

I'm thinking more about how our words are mighty.

How our words have the power to build up, inspire, challenge, and uplift. Our words can encourage, offer hope, and point toward healing. Even in conflict our words can be thoughtful, careful, agents of restoration, beacons of peace.

I often share on Facebook the ridulously cute and silly things my kids say. And I'm all for posting adorable pictures of the little brood that captures my full delight.

But I've also used social media to vent about another or toot my own horn. I've dabbled in divisive conversations and stuck my nose in other people's business.

But that's not how I want to use my words.

If my words are going to be prideful may they point others to the One I'm proud to follow.

If my words are going to be provocative may they provoke people to want to know more about Jesus. 

If my words are going to be petty may I count them worth less than a penny. And cast them aside.

Words are mighty. So might we all use them to lavish others with kindness and compassion. Might each word be humbly uttered with gentle patience. Love. Peace.

Whether we shout it from the rooftops or whisper it in someone's ear, might we use our mighty words to bless all those who hear.

*   *   *

Joining Lisa-Jo's amazing community who use their words so well, as we all write this week are on the word Mighty.


Cynthia Stuckey said...

Love love love!!!
"If my words are going to be petty may I count them worth less than a penny. And cast them aside." YES!!!

P.S. the cheerios thing? Not that bad. :)

Amy Sullivan said...

This was such a fun post. I totally get #2. Grrrr.

Carolyn Phillips said...

I totally get no8 and have changed the rolls in other places before now!

And yes, our words can be powerful.