Friday, April 4, 2014

Why I'm a Writer

"The learning often doesn't come until the writing."

She wrote these words almost a year before I read them.

I picture Father Godmiraculously not bound by time or spaceplanting this post in one daughter's heart for the very purpose of encouraging another one many months and miles later. He must have because Sarah Markley's words express exactly how I feel as a writer.

And there is such great hope and affirmation in knowing you're not alone.

When I steal twenty minutes at nap time or stay up way too late into the night to tap out the messy mama moments of my day or the deep stirrings of my soul, it's an exercise in hearing God.

I'm a writer because I love language. I love the way alliterative pairs perfectly punctuate each other. Love simile and metaphor. Love using words to bring an image splayed before my eyes to life or one buried down in my heart to light.

I'm a writer because I love stories. Love epic ones of love and adventure. Love little anecdotes that make my sides split. I love how people, places, and divine circumstances weave together for a beautiful tale that gives glory to the fingerprints of God.

I'm a writer because I love art. Love beauty and creativity. My heart is stirred by the wonders of God's creations, in human and earthen vessels both. I love using the art of words to humbly shine a spotlight on The Light, The Artist who breathes life into all the world through giving art and making His art.

I'm a writer because I love to encourage. Love offering hope and cheering you on. I love assuring you you're not alone on the journey of mama or wife or follower of Christ. And I'm willing to peel back the layers of pretense and posture for the sake of showing you who I really am and Whom I really need.

But most of all, I'm a writer because that's how I learn. I don't sit down at the curb-rescued desk my amazing husband refurbished or plop down on the brick red settee on my back porch to pen a lesson. I write to learn the lesson.

Yes, I learn by listening and reading. I learn by doing and observing and contemplating it all through.

But there's something special about writing. Something about how God made Sarah, how God made me. We're writers. And I don't always know the meaning of that trip to Costco or the significance of that spilled milk until I write about it.

When I'm not writing I'm missing out on some of God's greatest riches.

So I gladly snatch up those last twelve minutes of Jake and the Neverland Pirates or whatever writing moments I can muster, so that I can become more of who God made me—a lean-in-and-learn writer.

*     *     *

So grateful the writers encouragement of Lisa-Jo, too, and the beautiful community of Five Minute Friday writers, who are all aptly writing today on the word: Writer.


Heidi Blankenship said...

I love your post. A lean in and learn writer, that's a wonderful word picture. I'm visiting from FMF today.

Kelly Blackwell @ Heres My Take On It said...

Wonderful post Becky, and I agree with you so strongly. Although I must admit, I never even thought about it until you wrote it. I write to learn as well. So often I need to write in order to see those fingerprints of God in my life moments. Thanks for sharing a piece of your life today and for sharing why you write. Dropping by from fmf today. God bless you!

Lisa said...

Oh my! I'm nearly speechless at how wonderful this is. I must re-read, it is so very rich. I can relate to so much here, especially the statement, "peel back the layers of pretense", since I did a bit of that in my post this week. Thank you ever so much for sharing your heartfelt insight about writing. It is indeed encouraging. I'll be back for more. Visiting from FMF