Thursday, May 29, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Nothing

Nothing I have done or wish I did or am trying to do or will one day do can earn me the love of God.

Not my high school grades and accolades. Not losing five pounds or toning my abs.

Not baking wholegrain banana muffins or making a meal for that brand new mom.

Not losing myself in front yard tag or hanging on to my temper.

Nothing good or wholesome or witty or admirable can make me earn His love.

Not writing a post that everyone loves or being known or seen or wanted or esteemed.

Not reading my Bible every single day or being still at His feet to listen and pray.

Not organizing that cupboard or that fundraiser or my thoughts before I speak.


Nothing of the everything that fills my anxious thoughts and striving ways can get me one step closer to God's everlasting love.

That's not who He is.

He isn't a god whose love can be won or earned or bought. He is The God who is love, so knowing Him means being loved.

Yes, my actions can bring Him joy and delight. My obedience will bless His heart and bless my life with the peace of walking in His will. I can make Him proud and gain a "Well done" one day at Heaven's gate.

But gaining God's love? That's His free gift to every man, woman, and child made in His image. God's love is not available for bribe or barter. It's not a prize for having the most friends or likes or retweets or religious service feats.

Nothing can can buy His unconditional, lavish love.

Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

*     *     *

I'm joining Lisa-Jo's Five Minute Friday community to write for 5 minutes without editing, over thinking, or worrying about getting it just right. Today we're writing on the word: Nothing. Won't you join us?


Dolly@Soulstops said...


Loved this :) So very grateful that there is nothing we can do to make God love us less or is all grace...blessings to you :)

Elise Hurd said...

great post!

Anonymous said...

Definitely needed that reminder today - thank you!