Tuesday, December 7, 2010

No Pine. No Problem!

So we've decided to forgo my two favorite Christmas decorating traditions this year: the classic Christmas tree and the meaningful Nativity scene.

Why would I do such a thing?

His name is Noah.

He is one of the loves of my life. He is almost two. And he is WAY above the jingle bell curve of tactile curiosity!

The thought of putting up a Christmas tree conjures visions of ornament hooks up noses, twinkling lights between teeth, and beaded garland wrapped around his baby brother's neck. Likewise, I'm certain my beautiful Willow Tree manger animals would wind up in Noah's plastic Playschool barn; Joseph would surely become the newest Tonka truck driver; and who knows where I would find Mary and the Baby Jesus? [The only spaces I have for the Nativity scene are within Noah's ever-increasing grasp.]

Knowing my son, he would master self-control over the enticing new decor just before the New Year when we're ready to take it all down. So to save us a lot of headache and hassle we're choosing to just avoid the chaos this year.

With that said...I still LOVE decorating for Christmas! So after being inspired by one of my favorite homemaking blogs about finding creative ways to use holiday decor, I decided that my home would look and feel like Christmas this year. I could still enjoy the delight of pulling out all my favorite ornaments, I'd just find creative ways to use them in inventive out-of-toddler-reach ways.

Here's what I came up with...

This large wooden bowl is usually home to over sized potpourri. Now it displays a collection of rustic Christmas balls, bronze stars, and my favorite giant snowflake.

I hung mini jingle bell wreaths on either end of this cafe mug rack.

Then I propped these sweet angel ornaments and extra large jingle balls on the shelf above.

Love the crackle finish!

I spruced up two metal snowflake lanterns with wooden tree ornaments for a pop of color and texture. 

Have you been inspired to use traditional Christmas decorations in a nontraditional way?

Check back soon for more of my creative holiday twists!

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Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Great job on your decor! And I'm with you on the idea of forgoing some decorating traditions when kids are small. I remember having a tiny tree up on a table when my daughter was a year old. Safety first! ;-) You've found great alternatives!!! Have a merry Christmas!!