Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Reindeer and Snow Flakes and Beads, Oh My!

I spent the weekend finding new nooks and unconventional crannies to display my favorite Christmas ornaments. [Check out the previous post to read why.]

Here are a few more of my clever creations...

I filled this chunky glass vase with the strings of cranberry wooden beads that we usually drape around the tree. Then I topped it with simple bronze ball ornaments and finished with a plaid Christmas ribbon.

On this bathroom shelf I grouped a trio of reindeer ornaments instead of the classic red candle I usually use to fill the cubby.

And I love how this huge red snowflake pops against the crisp white cabinet.

I felt especially inspired when I adorned my kitchen cabinet handles with these pretty holly berry branches. (I really love how they look hugging the limbs of a Christmas pine ...but this is a fun way to enjoy their beauty sans tree.)

I placed cinnamon-spice-scented pine cones in this elegant glass hurricane instead of using a large wooden bowl like last year (since it's now housing my ornament collection).

And that Christmas gift bag? That's my fancy way of concealing the pile of mail that normally sits haphazardly on the counter.

Does it feel like Christmas at your house?

What's your favorite way to deck your halls?


Heather said...

With my first year not living in a dorm and having 3 weeks in the house during December before heading home, I decided to buy my own Christmas tree. It was fun to decorate it with some ornaments I grew up with, but also some I bought new. My angel topper is a simple one my mom made me. Like you, I've enjoyed putting the small things up. When I've got more time next week i'll probably post my own pictures and how-to's.

I so enjoy reading your brief updates about the family and decorating :)

Kathy J said...

I'm about to embark on our own decorating evening, with the goal of just picking a few key things to put up (since we will only be home for another week and a half). It was timely to stumble across this blog post first! We'll see what I can come up with.