Saturday, July 13, 2013

Magical and Three

From the first moment I held him, he filled my life with new joy.

Elias Michael, my second son, was born three years ago today. And just like that first moment, my life as his mama has been marked by smiles...not because I have to, but because I can't help but to.

Not only is Elias sweet and smiley. He is also super silly, deliciously dirty, and full of affection.

Like all small kiddos, Eli has his moments of being moody, whiny, grumpy, and defiant. But overall, he really has the most tender, loving spirit. He loves to give kisses and cuddles, he loves to talk, explore, and accomplish new things.

But the one word Chris and I use most often to describe our terrific toddler is magical

It may sound strange, but it's the only word we've come up with to explain this intangible quality that Elias has that makes him so very special. Magical embodies how adorable, coy, flirty, innocent, naive, honest, vulnerable, and pure of heart he is.  

Magical is what gives us, his mom and dad,  an insatiable desire to hug and kiss and squeeze up all his scrumptiousness in awe and love and delight, regardless of how well or poorly he's behaving. His low raspy voice, his piercing eyes, his creamy cheeks, and gleeful grin---magical!

So Happy Birthday to my favorite three year old! I love you, Elias Michael! 

You ARE magical. 

And I am so very blessed that you are mine.

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