Friday, September 20, 2013

Five Minute Friday: She

She smiles wide each time I see her, not because life is perfect but God is good. She leans in when we talk with eyes that shine understanding, empathy, encouragement, love. She is wise and beautiful in all her years, but counts joy her greatest accomplishment over all the degrees and jobs and accolades.

She's the first one to ever truly care for my heart, to let me lean in deep, pour out all the brokenness and fears, desires and dreams, knowing love and belonging wait on the other side. She never judges or condemns. Just gently leads though listening, careful question asking.

She was generous when she had little and now she is generous when entrusted with much. She's always looking for ways to serve, to lighten the load, to let me know I'm seen. She gives without expecting in return, but always returns gratefulness and thanks for any gift she's given.

She's not afraid of a messy house or rambunctious kids but invites the sharing of life in the midst of it all.

She chooses her friends carefully so it's a privilege to be chosen, called friend, invited into the tree of trust. And she is always trustworthy. She does not gossip or break confidence or say disparaging things behind my back.

She uses her words to breathe life, bring joy, offer hope, show understanding, spur you on toward good deeds, demonstrate compassion, empathy, and daily-doses of God's amazing grace.

She is so very humble--never grumbles or complains about her struggles, never boasts or brags about her strengths. She is a pillar, a rock, a tree deeply rooted in God's truth and love and grace.

She gives permission to be exactly who you are, exactly where you're at. She loves me as I am and inspires me to be more of who I was created to become.

She is intentional. Beautiful.

She is the very best, Jesus-shining parts of ALL the women I am so blessed to call friend.

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This post is part of Lisa-Jo's Five Minute Friday link-up. This week we're writing about "She".

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Mindy Howell said...

It is such a blessing to have that special person in your life. Sometimes they come and go like the chapters of a book, but if we are very fortunate, we have one for most of our life. I'm glad you have that one.

The Howell Blessings

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tribute to such an important woman in your life! She must be proud to call you her friend.

ohjust MEY said...

hey becky!

thanks for being an inspiration for me to write. i decided to do a quick writing on this five minute friday topic today via my phone than uploaded it to my laptop. its short but i had to start somewhere. =) thanks for always encouraging me with your writings. love u dear!


Britt said...

You captivated me with the line,"She is wise and beautiful in all her years, but counts joy her greatest accomplishment over all the degrees and jobs and accolades."

I haven't put my Journalism degree to a career, but I am still amazingly happy with what I do. This really captured that feeling. Your writing is beautifully evocative!

E Elmer said...

Becky, you are such a gift! My heart feels so honored to be loved and seen by you...especially with your words! Thank you for the grace, empathy and wisdom you have shared with me in return. You are a gem, my friend. So pure, so beautiful, so special.

Love you!