Monday, September 9, 2013

Washing Day

Wash the dishes.
Wash the laundry.
Wash yogurt faces and grimy toes.
Wash three apples, seven carrots.
Wash thirty fingers, one snotty nose.
Wash the toilet from boys' poor aim.
Wash the floor from milk drip stains.

But what about time to cleanse my soul?

All I can see are the caked on crumbs,
green grass smudges and tracked in mud.
But the state of my heart needs attention, too.

The needs visible before my eyes
are the one first attended to.
Yes, they are real needs.
But what about the real needs?
Seeking God.
Following His call. Asking Him to call.

The dishes and the laundry must be washed
so my family can eat, be clothed.
But how can I feed my soul with more Jesus
and clothe myself in more of His righteousness
with all this washing to be done?

Lord, help me to make the work of my hands
a time for your work in my heart.
Remind me each time I wash away a stain
that your blood has washed away each sin.

Yes, the real washing has already been done.
Now it's time to let your presence wash over
me with mercies, peace, and strength
made new each day.

So I will scrub for you.
Make my scrubbing holy work.

For you washed away my shame,
my pain of life lived
without you.
So may I make my washing a way to be
with you,
in you.
Every washing day.

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