Friday, July 4, 2014

How to Savor and Celebrate Summer

I bark orders in Costco to "Stay by ME!" and answer too harshly at home to the boy who is SO hungry and needs one more snack.

I bemoan the brotherly bickering and strain my ears to discern whether the crying is fake or real from three rooms away.

These summer days are hot and long. Yet they are slipping by.

I flip on the TV too often.

I tune out their questions too much.

I forget to savor each blessing.

I forget to celebrate each moment.

But I'm learning that wishing I had done yesterday differently doesn't make for more full living today.

You savor by savoring. You celebrate by celebrating!

So here's a Hip Hip Hooray for a borrowed blowup pool and boys with sun-kissed skin slipping down a crocodile slide!

Here's a Three Cheers for picnic lunches on the living room rug and a Yeehaw for little boys stealing special sips out of my special coffee mug.

Here's a Yowza and Yahoo for sword fights in their skivvies; strong arms and legs, minds and hearts fighting courageous battles from the tender age of two.

Here's a Holy Prayer of Thanks for brothers who love each other even when they fight, brothers whose smiles and hugs, sing song voices and crazy noises make their mama's heart burst with gratitude and love.

I can't conjure more joy for the crabby moments of yesterday. But I can commit to slowing down and giving thanks today.

I can savor, I can celebrate
When I exhale the could-haves of then
And breathe in the sweetness of now. 

*     *     *

I'm writing with Lisa-Jo's Five Minute Friday community, where we don't worry about getting it right. We just write. Today's prompt is Exhale.


Beth said...

This is sooo good! I esp. like how you start out with defeat but end with accomplishment. It is difficult for a mother to savor the moment when there are many demands on her time and attention. I even have to be careful to pause and savor the moments as a grandmother, esp. when the two youngest roughhouse and bicker. My brothers used to do that; now they barely speak to each other and email once or twice a year. I'd love to hear them playfully banter again!

Bruce Barone said...