Friday, October 1, 2010

Little Moments

The way she holds your little finger
The way she coos when you are near
The way you calm her every whimper
And cast out all her fear

The way he giggles with excitement
The way he cries when you’re apart
The way his eyes light up with wonder
And his smile melts your heart
It’s in these little moments
Shared just between each other
That make you know for certain
You were meant to be a mother


Kathy J said...

Just got caught up on all of your latest posts. Good stuff! Your boys are luckier than they can yet understand to have you as their mommy!

Sister Mary said...

Hi Becky! Nice to meet another sister in Christ. I found your blog through (in)courage Community and decided to become your follower. Your blog is so wonderful. So you're a writer too? That's great. This poem touched me, because some weeks ago I found out I'm pregnant. I'm on my 9th week. I'd appreciate you to become a follower of my blog and leave me some comment. It's so nice to meet another Christian writer mum! :)

Sister Mary said...

Hey, I'm sorry I forgot to add the URL of my own Christian blog. So here it is