Friday, August 23, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Last

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Today's Word: Last

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"Me first! Me first!" they both shout.

Whether it's first to get help with their shoes, first to get their Monster's Inc. gummy vitamin, first to put a token in their Good Job Jar, first to go down the slide, first to open the door, my four- and three-year-old fight over who gets to be first.

I cringe at their self-first desires.

I know their hearts and minds are young, undeveloped. That's what these early years of training are for. To cultivate their understanding of right and wrong. To mold their desires toward the things of God instead of the things of this world. But I just wish that putting OTHERS FIRST came more naturally.

I cringe not only because I want my boys to share and treat one another with kindness, love and respect, but because, if I'm honest, their "Me first!" whines are a reflection of my own selfish ways.

I know what Jesus says: "The last will be  first."

But do my actions, my motives, my secret thoughts always show that I believe him? That I obey him?

I put me first when I go for that front row parking instead of allowing the parent behind me to have the prime spot for an easy drop off. I put me first when I plan a playdate that's easiest with my kids' schedules and energy levels instead of doing what's best for my friend. I put me first when I don't serve my husband with a joyful heart because I really want him to put my needs first. And on and on the things of me first.

But "me first" is not the perspective I want to hold, the attitude I want to embrace. I want to walk the road of ME LAST because that is the journey that takes me closer to Jesus.

Combating the "me first!" clamor first starts with me.

Five Minute Friday


Sarah said...

Visiting from FMF, I like your post! It's so true that the things we want to cultivate in our littles we need to model in ourselves first. Thanks for linking up!

Wendy said...

I'm visiting from FMF as well! Thank you for this! I struggle so w/ a "me first" attitude as well many times. Even as I'm asking our children to be less selfish, it's hard sometimes to willingly put myself last.

Hope said...

Hi! I'm visiting from FMF. I could totally relate to "me last" instead of "me first." I had a similar thought on "last." I loved reading your piece. Blessings! Hope