Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Noah is fifteen months old today!

Fifteen Things
I Love about My Son
(in no particular order):

  1. His light-up-my-life smile
  2. The way he leans in to give Daddy kisses 
  3. His curiosity and eagerness to explore
  4. The way he smells after a bath
  5. How he runs with pure joy
  6. His ridiculously tiny buns
  7. The way he says "nana" (banana) in the voice of an angel
  8. His dragon growl
  9. How much he loves reading stories with Mommy
  10. The way he makes strangers stop and smile
  11. His gentle spirit
  12. The best giggle I've ever heard
  13. The way he snuggles before bedtime
  14. His kissable cheeks
  15. That he will always be my son and I his mom

 Today's Memorable Moments



Kathy J said...

I love #6!

Anonymous said...

You have been changed forever by motherhood. It is a good thing. You will view the world differently. You will have understanding and compassion that you might not otherwise have acquired. You more accountable for all you ways all your days. You will never be alone. You will always care about this precious boy's life and those who enter his life. He will always care for you. Your journeys are tied together forever. It's a good thing. A blessing greater than any other I have known. God will use you in children's lives, and He will use them in your life. It is an amazing connection. I am so happy that you are embracing it and sharing it through your writing. Mom