Monday, March 1, 2010

Growing Moments

I am always baffled by the strange paradox of time. How each day and particular moments can feel so long, like they're never going to end. Yet, when you look back over a span of time it seems like it went by so much faster than you ever anticipated, and somehow the weeks and months have melded together, passing by in a blurry swoosh.

This phenomenon has never been more real to me than now as a mother. I remember holding my son as a newborn, miniature fingers wrapped about my thumb, his whole body easily cradled in one arm. How could he ever be bigger than in this moment? Blink. I'm watching my toddler practice his new climbing skills as he repeatedly tries to conquer the couch like it's his Everest. No more completely dependent tiny blob of joy. Now a little adventurer, already testing his boundaries, exerting his independence, becoming the wonderful person God created him to be.

I'm sure there will be many entries to come about my blessed experience being Noah's mom. It's the greatest joy of my life.

Here are a few of the amazing growing moments we have enjoyed together so far.

2 weeks old: Noah's first walk

3 months old: Trying to hold up that heavy head

6 months old: Learning to love carrots

9 months old: Cuddling with his blanket made by Aunt Mary

1 year old: Chocolate cake. Need I say more?


Valerie said...

Yeah for Becky's blog!!! Hip hip hurrah! Those are some precious pictures!

Kathy J said...

SO FUN! Great post.