Saturday, March 27, 2010

Santa Barbara Nachos and Gorillas

On Thursday the boys and I packed up the car and headed north.
Destination...Atascadero, to see my sister and brother-in-law.
On our way, we made a pit stop in beautiful Santa Barbara.
And whenever we have a chance to go to SB,
we have to stop at Little Alex's for

the best grilled chicken nachos EV-ER!! Yum!

Noah also thoroughly enjoyed Little Alex's.

After our tummies were maxed with Mexican food, we headed over to the wonderfully quaint Santa Barbara Zoo. Chris took me there early in our dating, so it was fun to go back and reminisce about our young love while Noah enjoyed his first zoo experience. 

One hightlight from our time there was a great show from this massive gorilla. We watched as he leisurely strolled across the grounds carrying two burlap sacks. Once he found the perfect spot, he then proceeded to fluff each sack like you would a pillowcase and gently lay them on the grass. Our primate friend then plopped down in the ultra-relaxed position seen here. It was quite a comical site!

It was a lovely day filled with lovely family moments.

More on our trip to come...


Kathy J said...

I know this has nothing to do with anything in your post, but I love your pregnant belly! It is too cute!

Judi said...

Good job on the blogging, Becky!!

I just ran through all the pics and many of your posts. I can't believe Noah is so 'grown up' since I saw you all last summer! What a darling!

I'll be comin' your way again in June.

hugs around,
A Judi