Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fresh Air, Fun, and Food

It's amazing what 90 minutes outside the house can do for the soul.

As a stay at home mom who works part time from her dining room table, it can be easy to get trapped in all the to-dos and forget about the world outside your 1,200 square foot bubble. Dishes, laundry, diapers, chasing Noah, reading stories, making breakfast, lunch, and dinner, posting payments, posting charges, dare to shower, dare to nap, bills and emails, and another day has come and gone. This is how most of my days come and go without a breath of fresh air, save for a quick trip to the trash can to dispose of one of Noah's super stinkies!

Today, I knew I needed something different. Take a chance! Venture out! I heard a voice calling. I remembered something about a music time for babies at this charming little children's book store in the Village, the one we popped into a couple months ago to buy Noah's first Christmas book. (This place is almost as cute as The Shop Around the Corner, if you know what I mean.) I looked up the store online, found the info, and made a plan! I left the dishwasher full of clean dishes and Noah and I were off for a little adventure! We walked (well, mommy walked and Noah lounged in his stroller) the 15 minute trek to the store. Then we joined the circle of five other moms and their tiny tots and were led in a series of songs and activities by a very cute and bubbly young blonde. We clapped our hands, patted our legs, and banged on a drum. Noah was very intrigued. Sadly, the fun only lasted 15 minutes. Hmmm....do I have to turn around now and go right back home? We stayed for a bit and Noah tinkered in the little play area--particularly amused by a plastic banana and tiny whisk--and I chatted with a few of the other moms.

I still wasn't ready to go home to the skimpy leftovers from last night's dinner waiting for us. Then I remembered this inexpensive Mexican restaurant I ate at a couple years ago that was only a few doors up the street. So off we went for a mother/son date. We shared beans, rice, and limey guacamole. It wasn't fancy, but it was fun.

We walked back and I was excited to enter my wonderful home again. We were only gone 90 minutes, but it made my whole day.

I can see how this may all sound a little melodramatic, but if you've ever been a stay at home mom, I think you understand. :)


Callie said...

Things like those are too wonderful to pass up! Way to make the most of it and enjoy an adventure with your little one!

Becky said...

Thank, Callie. Wondering...do I know you?
:) Becky

Kathy J said...

F-O-X. I think it's time to watch that movie again! I love their witty banter.

Kimmie said...

Love that movie and I totally understand we leave the house everyday for at least 90 minutes!